electra-bulgariaKalimantsi Properties Ltd is a subsidiary of Electra Bulgaria Ltd.-a Bulgarian company operating in the areas of property investments…..
The firm was founded in 2006 in the city of Varna, where its headquarters are presently established.
Kalimants Properties as part of Electra Investments Group is a prosperous company with a goal of becoming a significant factor in the real estate market.
In July 2007, Kalimantsi Properties Ltd started building Botanica VIP Residence Housing complex— unique in its location right next to the Botanical garden of Varna, close to the beach of fine golden sand of St.Constantin and Elena Resort, only 5 km away from the centre of Varna. The project’s 1st stage is completely finished and put into operation.
The mother company ‘Electra Bulgaria’ Ltd is also heavily investing in buying plots of land in Varna area, where it plans to build a commercial centre and residential buildings.
All projects of Electra Bulgaria involve careful analyses and planning, ensuring a legacy of value and return on investment. We have introduced the concept of gated community as well as innovative marketing initiatives.

BOTANICA VIP Residense - GallerY

VIDEO PRESENTATION of ap.G01 ground floor