Ecological project ‘Botanica’ Housing complex is located next to the Botanical Garden-Varna, where its name came from.
The Botanical garden round the complex creates a healthful and harmonious environment for living and rest.
Getting in touch with the nature every day brings the feeling of tranquility, joy and freedom! You just need to step out of the building!

The residents of the complex have all year round FREE access to the ecological park of 360 000m2 for walks and picnics, exploring extremely interesting plant species, jogging and cycling.

In the garden you can see:

  • The irises collection – over 250 varieties
  • The Rosarium situated on an area of approximately an acre where there bloom and shed their aroma more than 70 varieties of decorative roses. In the past roses were grown in Syria, Babylone and Greece. Nowadays they are grown mainly in two regions in the world and Bulgaria is one of them. Bulgarian rose is famous for the rose oil of exceptional quality.
  • The day-lily garden where every day open their perishable yet charming blossoms more than 25 varieties of hybrid and other types of day-lilies, as well as other representatives of the Lily family

Season expositions of:

Cactuses in the open
Botanical species from the Cucurbitacea family
Summer flowering species

Water areas with typical aquatic and hydrophilic plants
Exotic and little known trees and shrubs from around the world: maritime pines, holm oaks, tulip tree, European larch, meta-sequoia, redwood tree, sterculia, iron tree, chestnuts and many other.

Archeological findings from the II-IV century AD discovered on the territory of the University Botanical Garden:Roman Tomb, The Earthen Jars, Roman Villa

The Saint Kliment Ohridski Chapel erected in the highest part of the garden offers a wonderful view of the Varna Bay

The Botanic Bazaar is the place where you can buy plants for your home, seedlings of ornamental trees and shrubs grown in the greenhouses of the Botanical Garden

The University Botanical Garden–Eco-Park of the city of Varna offers a venue for green schools, garden parties, weddings, family picknicks, barbecues, fun rides in horse carriages, horse riding lessons.

Prices of the services
Ride in a horse carriage – 20.00 lv.
Ride in a donkey carriage – 10.00 lv.
Horse riding lesson – 20.00 lv.
Barbecues – 15.00 lv. per day
Wedding ritual – 250.00 lv.
Botanical lecture – 12 lv.
Green school (5 working days ,4 hours per day) – 60 lv. / 1 pupil
garden parties, concerts, fashion show 1 – 3 h – 900 lv.

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