Bulgaria’s warm climate, excellent conditions for recreation ,cheap medical treatment and the low prices of food and services attract tourists of all ages.

Generations of foreigners prefer spending their holidays in Bulgaria.

This fact was taken into account and Bulgarian legislative bodies offered favorable conditions to retired people to get a residence permit, and then move to live on the territory of Булгариа -a member country of the European Union.

Аs you can see, Bulgaria provides for retired foreigners the simplest basis for obtaining a residence permit, not requiring genetic or economic ties with the country or prior approval of the Ministries.
A Long-term Residence Permit stay in the country can be obtained by any foreign pensioner who has a property and enough money to stay in Bulgaria.


Why should the older generation of foreigners choose Bulgaria for permanent residence?

- Bulgarians have a good attitude to the foreigners
- The climate is mild
– The price of products, services and even
real estate are much lower than in Europe
- The pace of life is slow and calm
There is a large number of resorts with mineral springs offering medical treatment of high quality


Therefore, older foreigners feel very comfortable in Bulgaria.

What is the procedure of applying for a Long-term residence permit?

Procedure is not very complicated and consists of two stages:

Stage 1

Arrival in Bulgaria in order to apply for a residence permit.
For non-EU
residents long-term visa type «D»will be needed.
retired non-EU residents have to supply to the embassy of Republic of Bulgaria in their country the following documents:

- International passport
– 2 Passport size photographs
Application as per a sample
Certificate for having a pension , prepared by the competent authorities of their country of residence
Reference showing the amount of the pension for the last 3 months
– Document
from a bank on the territory of Bulgaria stating own bank account with the amount not less than 2200 euro . To this account the pension will be transferre
– Copy
of a notary deed of the house / apartment in Bulgaria or tenancy contract
Criminal record

  Stage 2

Once the visa «D»is issued (for non-EU residents) the retired foreigner must submit to the Migration Office at the place of his future residence new documents in Bulgarian language confirming the reason for the foreigner to obtain a residence permit.

Documents of the retired person will be reviewed by the Migration officers within one month and a Long-term residence permit will be issued.

What are the benefits of obtaining a Long-term residence permit for foreigners in Bulgaria?

- Entry in Bulgaria without a visa (for non-EU residents) and stay in Bulgaria for the time of the validity of the permit
– Paid education in schools and universities;
– Paid medical
– The right to a pension;
– Managing their own business;
– Less
complicated procedure for obtaining a visa for the Schengen countries(for non-EU residents)

The Long-term Residence permit can be obtained for a period of 6 months or a year. After its expiry , the foreigner will have to extend it every year for 5 years, and then has the right to obtain Permanent residence permit.


What rights gives the permanent residence status to foreigners in Bulgaria?

- Visa-free entry(for non-EU residents) and stay in the country for an indefinite period;
– Free medical care;
– The right to a pension;
– The
possibility to get a bank loan;
– Managing their own business or the right to work under an employment contract;
– Accelerated
receipt of Schengen visa (for non-EU residents);
– Free education in public schools and universities;

To obtain the status of a permanent resident the foreigner must live in the country continuously for at least 5 years. This means that you can not be absent from the country for more than 6 months. Ultimately, within 5 years there should be no more than 10 months of absence.

In Bulgaria, there are the most basic conditions for obtaining residence permits in Europe which is taken into consideration by pensioners and guides them in their choice of the country for permanent residence.


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