Congratulations on the purchase of an apartment in ‘Botanica’ HC!


Acquisition of a real estate abroad is associated with great joy and excitement. Now you do have a new home for family holidays or permanent living!

Has your mind already drawn a picture of domestic bliss under the new roof? How wonderfully you furnished your new home and everything is so thought out to the smallest detail! How comfortable and happy you feel!

After the eyforiya passes each owner faces the issue of the future costs of maintaining the new house or apartment.

Types of costs: taxes, maintenance fee, utilities

Taxes in Bulgaria
Annual property taxes are determined by the municipality in the area of the real estate. The basis for calculating the tax is the tax assessment of the property (price is listed in your title deed).

Property tax 0.2% of tax assessment (Varna municipality)
Domestic garbage tax 0.1% of tax assessment (Varna municipality)

Taxes for the previous year are paid at the tax office in Varna until the end of April of the current year.


Maintenance fee

The annual fee for the maintenance of the common parts of the building is paid on the basis of an agreement either between the owner of the property and the management company or between a condominium and the management company. In the agreement there is a list of all services to be provided by the management company.

The fee includes:

  • Cleaning the exterior surrounding areas (sidewalks, lawns, etc.) and internal common areas of the house (windows, stairs, corridors)
  • Taking care of the lawn and trees in the yard of the complex
  • Cleaning and maintenance of the swimming pool in accordance with hygiene standards
  • Payment for the services of a lifeguard at the pool
  • Cleaning the bottom of the river flowing through the territory of the complex
  • Operation and maintenance of lighting systems, electricity and water supply, sanitation networks, elevators in public parts of the house
  • Control of the access to the complex. 24h security and video surveillance.
  • Minor repairs of the common parts -Damage, resulting from general use, such as erosion of valves, locks, clogged pipes, replacement of blown bulbs, and others.
  • Use of the swimming pool, sun deckchairs, children’s playground, parking lots, cafe , etc.

Maintenance fee rate is multiplied by the total area of the acquired apartment.
Payable once a year, usually at the beginning of 12 month period in advance.

Maintenance fee in BOTANICA HC is 8,4 euro / m2 including VAT (20%).

Payment is to be made only via bank transfer.

tility payments

Payments for water and electricity are paid each month for the previous period.

Meter readings are taken by representatives of Energo Pro and V i K-Varna.


WATER – 1.1 Euro / m3 (Varna)

Electricity – 0.1 euro / kW / h

Payment can be made via bank transfer as well:

Bank account of ENERGO PRO
Enero Pro prodazhbi AD
Unicredit Bulbank

Bank account of ViK- Varna
‘Vodosnabdjavane I kanalizacia- Varna’OOD
IBAN: BG24 CECB 9790 1006 1242 00

In the payment order should be inserted the client number.

You can check your bills at :

What are the approximate expenses
of an apartment of 61м2 in Botanica HC ?

1 Taxes 50 euro per year
2 Maintenance fee 610 euro excl.VAT per year
3 Electricity 50 euro per month
4 Water 10 euro per month


Thank you for choosing Botanica HC for your permanent living or your holidays!


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